Tomas Bjerre AB

Software developer. Org.nbr. 559107-5436.


I am a software developer. I have been doing full stack development since 2010, in different Java projects. I have a special interest in continuous integration and tools development.

I enjoy working out on my spare time and will consider it a big advantage if my client offers a health center. I also enjoy being social with friends, watch movies and play video games. I also have an interest in stock trading and I strongly believe that money should be invested, before it is gone.

I am committed and dedicated to any task I am assigned. I can work under pressure, independently or in a group. I am imaginative and creative as well as competent. I like to work methodical and I like well structured and complete solutions.

I enjoy developing software on my spare time. I host most of my own projects on GitHub. I have started, and contributed to, many open source projects used by thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands developers.

Open source

I'm a Jenkins plugin committer, founder/maintainer of these plugins:

I also have some mixed projects on: